Building Art pursues the Old World, timeless craft of carving natural, real stone to create architectural elements that distinguish a home and elevate its worth. We transform the raw beauty of the stone that we quarry into elegant architectural pieces of art that make a home truly special. We build your ideas in stone. We do it directly, efficiently and cost effectively. There are inherent synergies and efficiencies in the Building Art Network, those efficiencies benefit our clients directly in the quality of the product, reliability and cost savings. We manage our projects from inception, through the fabrication process, to their delivery. We have superior quality control, provide tracking and on-schedule transport. We also provide guidance for job-site installation and access to our preferred installers. Building Art has an extensive database of past projects with photographs to give our clients design ideas, as well as an archive of CAD designs. Building Art offers value, guarantees all its products and is price competetive to cast imitations.