Building Art is the sole owner of eight quarries in Central and Southern Mexico. The company also has a partnership stake in several other quarries thereby providing a wide range of material lines. In many of these jurisdictions Building Art is the only government approved blasting permit holder. The main Building Art fabrication facility is located in Celaya, Mexico some hundred and fifty miles North of Mexico City. The factory is well equipped not only to facilitate extensive hand carving, but also has large scale machinery to produce standard building products en masse with speed and precision. Additionally on the premises we apply specialty finishes such as split faced, raked, sand blasted, acid washed and antiqued. Between the Building Art quarries and the fabrication facilities we employ one hundred and twenty-eight personnel. Among those employees are many skilled craftsmen, they are true artisans, some of the top carvers in Mexico. Our product is stone, but our strength is our people. 


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