Stone Designs - Stone Installation company, Las Vegas Nevada

I am the owner of Stone Designs, a stone installation company located in Las Vegas, NV. We have been doing business in Nevada, California and Arizona for two decades. In that time we have worked with Building Art some three dozen times on projects of various size and scope. We have either purchased the Building Art stone ourselves and fronted the job or just installed it for a customer. In either case the Building Art material was an excellent product to work with, and we install both pre cast and natural stone.


As an installer I am concerned about two things mainly, is the product correct, exactly as was ordered and did it arrive on time. In every case Building Art product was on site according to schedule and the shipment quantity was correct and matched the drawings. If there were shortages for any reason, be it breakage on site or changes by the owners or designer requiring additional material, it was shipped on their next truck, so that it wouldn’t affect our schedule. There was never a problem that would stop the project or slow it down. We always received full co-operation and good communication was the norm. The product itself arrived well packaged and well marked. Like pieces or pieces of a series were always packed in the same crate so that no time was wasted hunting for lost pieces. Doing layout which I generally do as soon as the material arrives was a logical process, easy and relatively quick .


The success of my business largely depends on the material that I install, that is why I use their material. Over the years I have developed a solid relationship with the guys at Building Art because they are easy to deal with, but more than anything it’s because they provide a good product, are reliable and they have been around for as long as I have. I strongly recommend Building Art as a supplier of carved stone for both the exteriors and interiors as well as landscaping projects.

Rick Cole
Stone Designs