Daryl Walter Architect - Architectural Firm, Las Vegas, Nevada  

As an architect licensed in Nevada and Washington State I have been exposed to the work of Building Art for some time. The company has supplied stone for many projects throughout Las Vegas, generally for a very prominent and discerning clientele.


A couple years ago I was the design architect and the construction manager of one such project. It was one of the largest residential projects in Las Vegas, a single family residence of almost 30,000 square feet. The entire facade was made of limestone supplied by Building Art. An assembly of hundreds of unique pieces ranging in size and complexity, from the massive and very impressive crown molding, hundreds of balusters, quoins, various trims and extensive cladding, the entire home was covered in limestone. Besides the classic French design and the grandeur of the project it is the stone features that differentiate and elevate the home among others of similar stature in a very exclusive neighborhood. I designed all the individual stone profiles of which there were in excess of a hundred. Building Art was precise in their production, all the material arrived as per spec and matched the drawings exactly. The phasing of the project as far as deliveries enabled for a systematic installation process, something that was necessary due to space and time restraints. The material was top quality, the workmanship excellent, the quantities were correct and the overall organization was very good. It was a pleasure working with Building Art on this very unique and monumental project.

Daryl Walter
Owner/ Architect